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The Global G series 8.5 ,bread knife features a serrated edge and is able to cut both soft and crusty breads without crushing or tearing. The serrations form dozens of small individual cutting edges that allow the knife to cut cleanly in either direction without the use of excessive pressure. Because only the tips of each of the serrations comes in contact with a cutting board or other surface, the points experience the majority of the wear while leaving the inner scalloped edges sharp for many years. In addition to slicing bread, the bread knife is also great for cutting watermelon and even tomatoes and other tough skinned but soft fleshed vegetables and fruits.

  • Made with a single piece of stainless steel
  • Ice tempered blade that keeps its razor-sharp edge longer than other steel
  • Ergonomic handle with a pattern that offers comfort and grip
  • Well-balanced blade and handle, obtained with the filling of the handle with sand
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